Finally, Spring is here! It’s time to wave goodbye to the dark, cold winter and start planning how you’ll enjoy the longer days and warmer weather. Here, we have brought some great ideas for you to enjoy this Spring better.

You should make the most of your local park. Many now offer free outdoor gyms (check out the outdoor gym in mile end park – near the Hamletts offices), with  low-impact equipment such as exercise  bikes, cross trainers and stretch stations. You can also meet friends for an evening walk, or join a walking group to meet new people. Spring is a brilliant time to explore the natural beauty of the UK countryside. It will rejuvenate your mind and body when you are back to your normal day routine after a holiday adventure in the countryside.

Aerobic activity such as cycling is good for your heart, and you’ll also save on transport costs, the Boris bikes are a great economical way to get about – there is one located just opposite our Hamletts offices in Bethnal Green.  More than a third of the British population cycle, but if you don’t already have a bike, you can buy a cheap one second-hand or get a tax-free one through the “Cycle to work” scheme.

In spring, you should take advantage of the season to change your relationship with food, if it has not been healthy. Because after months of sedentary lifestyle, your health may need some fresh seasonal foods. Usually we eat more fat in winter and less vegetables. Eat as seasonally as you can, especially lots of fruits and vegetables (artichokes, broccoli, lettuce, asparagus, beets, carrots, cabbage, strawberries), whole grains, fresh legumes, nuts and seeds. Drink plenty of water and detox your body.

Your mood will change and you will feel full of positive energy if you put a splash of colours in all aspects of your life. Dress in bright and pastel colours instead in dark colours, such as Black and Gray. Also, make your rooms smell good leaving your windows open to catch a spring breeze. Deodorise your rooms with perfume essences like lavender, vanilla, rose, lemon, orange, and start spring cleaning.

In spring the rhythms of life change. If you go to a cafe sit outside and listen to what surrounds you. This is a good practice to try wherever you go. You will see that everything is waking up around you. It will affect your life in a positive way. If there is something that make you unhappy change it and give a touch of spring and rebirth to your life!

And finally, be good to yourself: You’re human, so be patient, enjoy the nice weather, look after your body and always try to smile!