Living in London can be difficult for people with limited income as it is home to some of the highest living costs in the world. Eating outside in London can be very expensive as well, but there are some ways to minimise the cost. In this post, we have gathered some tips to save money while eating outside. So let’s have a look at them!


1. Try some street foods as London is a great place for it. Every market has some street food stall – which will provide satisfying lunch in reasonable price.

2. You may try out foreign country’s cuisine as well – Asian and middle eastern restaurants provide food in affordable price.

3. Avoid tourist traps by not going to tourist hotspots for meals – you may have to pay over the odds for an unsatisfactory meal.

4. Supermarkets offer a wide range of ready-to-eat food and special meal deals – in very cheap rate.

5. A visit to a pub can be as much about eating as drinking – as many serve reasonably priced food.

6. Subscribe to membership dining cards/ taste card which gets you discounts while eating at a very wide range of London restaurants.

7. Local markets of London also offer fresh food to fill you up in cheap rate.

8. You should ask for tap water (it is hygienic) with your meal, rather than expensive bottled water.

9. Keep an eye on websites and applications as they offer lots of money-off vouchers and discount cards online.

10. Pack your remaining food for takeaway – it’s nothing to be shy of as you paid for it.


There are thousands of restaurants in London that cover every imaginable cuisine. And the knowledge that there’s so many choices can make a disappointing, expensive meal taste all the more bitter. We hope this tips should help you save a few pounds of your budget — and point you toward some great new eats.