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Harmony in Flatshare

Living in Flat Share property is a great way to meet new people and make new friends but its also important to remember a few key points to ensure harmony and avoid conflict with with your flatmates;

Hamletts Top Tips;

  1. Talk to each other, make friends have the odd cup of tea together and catch up
  2. Clean up behind you, dirty plates in the sink are not nice and likely to upset the person wanting to eat…and do your fair share of chores.
  3. Respect the personal space of your flat share friends
  4. If you borrow food/drink – ask beforehand and try and replace where possible
  5. Bathrooms and toilets are used by everyone so empty toilets rolls are a frustration – so replace the roll if finished and leave bathroom nice and clean after use.
  6. Morning bathroom queues – be mindful that there maybe a line up of flatmates waiting to use the facilities, so keep the shower songs short