Letting properties can sometimes be really difficult for landlords. Dealing with tenants and the maintenance of a property is something to which not everyone is able to dedicate time and energy. Landlords need to understand and keep up to date with all the legal ramifications of letting a home. Moreover, tenants may  leave landlord to cover the property costs, which maybe higher than the received income. And, is case the property is empty there is no income from it. To solve this issue, Hamletts Limited offers the “Guaranteed rent” scheme to the landlords.

Hamletts Limited which was established in London in 2003 and is now a leading property management company for properties in and around east London and central London. With over 20 years of experience and managing tenancies with a net property capital value in excess of £200 million, we are specialist in the provision of long term temporary and permanent accommodation solutions to local authorities, housing associations and private residential tenants.

Guaranteed rent scheme offers landlords a fixed rental income, paid each and every month without all of the normal stresses involved in letting out a property.  An individual or company takes in a property for a period of time and guarantees to pay a fixed rent per month to the landlord. However, the landlord gives consent to this third party, ‘the Renter’, to rent that property to other tenants. So, the Renter takes all the liabilities of the rental property.

The main advantage of this scheme is that the rental income is guaranteed regardless of whether the property generates rent or not*. For example, there is an arrangement of 5 years with a landlord. The Renter is entitled to pay rent for this 5 years even if there is no tenant in the property. Aside from that, Hamletts Limited offers many additional facilities.


                                                    Facilities For Landlord*

                                                                      6 Month’s rent in advance
   Property is returned in the same condition as taken.
    No commission to pay.
   Minor repairs by experienced maintenance team.
   We pay even if the property is empty.


In this way, it is saving the landlord time and money.The agreement between the landlord and the Renter is commercial. They should enter into an agreement for the period of time the renter is going to pay the Guaranteed Rent for each property. This agreement should also include the amount and responsibilities of each party clearly. Landlord’s compliance with the various legislation related to renting property should be focused as well.

Guaranteed rent without a doubt saves landlord’s money and time. Furthermore, this reliefs the landlord from all the hassles and paper works. So, to generate steady and guaranteed income without any difficulty, guaranteed rent scheme should be the first choice of every landlords. Hamletts is the preferred guaranteed rent company for many landlords, many landlords have been clients of Hamletts for over 10 years and appreciate the added value of Guaranteed rent. Hamletts specializes in guaranteed rent in East London and our unique offering is appreciate by seasoned landlords and those who have just bought their first buy to let property.

*Subject to terms and conditions