In any home damp problems create serious issues. They are unwelcoming as well as unhygienic.

Here are some tips to reduce the chance of damp getting a foothold in your home:

+ Ensure the household is warm – keep at an ambient temperature – avoid fluctuations…ie from very cold to hot.

+ Don’t dry wet clothes on radiators or heaters as this will only increase moisture in the air.

+ Ensure that windows are opened at least once a day in much used rooms, such as the living room.

+ Ventilate kitchens and bathrooms when in use. It’s important to keep extractor fan running even after you have finished, as moisture is still being dispersed.

+ Wipe down cold surfaces, such as tiles in bathroom and kitchen to reduce condensation and any signs of mould, wipe down with anti-bacterial cleaner.

+ Always use an extractor hood in kitchen if one is supplied.

+ Don’t overcrowd a room with furniture or clothes and belongings

+ Open the curtains and ensure the property benefits from natural light

This will help you achieve a home that is damp and mould free.