Moving into a flat or house share can be a very different experience to living at home specially at the first time.  As you are basically living with strangers with whom you may not have anything in common can be exhausting. However, there are times when sharing has its advantages. Hamletts Limited offers flat and house share in very friendly environments where you can enjoy your stay. So without further ado lets have a look at the advantages!

  1. You can save a lot of money as the cost of shared items are shared also. Sharing is saving!
  2. You don’t have to pay any utility bills in Hamletts flat/house share (subject so terms  and conditions which include usage limits) so free of bill paying hassles as well as money saved again!
  3. You can make friends of lifetime as you share not only a flat but also your life experience.
  4. All housework and chores are divided so you can use the saved time for other purposes.
  5. There will be always someone to hang out with, so you will never feel lonely!
  6.  Sharing can give you an added sense of security. Also, when you are away, someone will be there to keep an eye on things and the house won’t be left empty as well.
  7. Flatmates can be a great source of help and advice on all kinds of matters.
  8. You can enjoy ‘house dinner’ every now and then!
  9. Hamletts Limited provide essential furnishing with rooms so you don’t have worry about spending on furniture.
  10. Flatmates are bound to invite their friends round, so they may introduce you to a new circle of people that you wouldn’t otherwise meet. Also, you might meet the love of your life here!

Admittedly, there are pros and cons of flat share. However, you will never get the fun experience you get from flat/house share elsewhere. If you’re looking for accommodation, remember that we offer fantastic rooms suitable for professionals, couples and students in East London. And of course, No Utility Bills to Pay!!