More landlords are now accepting tenants with children as a growing number of young families choosing to rent instead of buy, and that inevitably expands the possibility of damage to the rental property. A study about the rental property damage found a couple of most common issues which include stains on carpet. This study indicates that many young families have had their flooring seriously damaged or stained by kids.  Inevitably, there instances where it is not possible to change carpets for alternative flooring covering, either because the flat or apartment is prohibited due to terms set out in the head lease of the building.  Therefore in those instances there are a number of products that you can purchase that make stain removal very easy and protect the carpet from such damage.

The biggest culprit of the damaged flooring are children’s drinks followed by craft materials such as ink and paint. Three out of the 10 parents also stated that liquids are the worst thing for children to spill, with cosmetics as well as food and crafting items not far behind.

It has been found that the bedroom is the most common room in the rental property for flooring to be ruined with up to 40% spillages happening there. This is closely followed by the dining room and kitchen, showing how food, including peanut butter and beetroot according to respondents, is such as big issue.

In conclusion it will be a wise decision for parents having kids to rent property removing the carpet to avoid this unnecessary hassle if the conditions allow.